DS106 Challenge · Short Story

Tragedy on the way to Ampleforth

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This post is inspired by The (new) Daily Create’s DS106 Daily Challenge #tdc1762 On The Road to Findochty to Iyesgarth…

Challenge: Visit the Fantasy Town Generator and create a story about what happened on the way from one town to another. 

name generator
My Fantasy Town Generator Results

Delilah placed her hand over her forehead to wipe off the beads of sweat that were rapidly forming. She was exhausted from all of the setbacks of her 100-mile journey to Ampleforth from her hometown of Astrakane. What is supposed to be an hour and a half car ride has now taken two painfully grueling days…all for an audition that could change my life.

The first day my fellow bartending ‘buddy’ coworker named Jed stood me up without warning. Initially he said he would love to take me to the audition to be my support and take a tour of Ampleforth –they are known for beautiful Amazon-like women and beer two of Jed’s favorite things. I wanted to save some money and figured it would be fun traveling with Jed. We had plans to stay for a few days and see the local sights. There was absolutely no indication that he would pull a cowardly ‘no call, no show’ heck he even called me the night before we were supposed to take off making sure that I was ready. But to no avail, I waited tirelessly and he never showed up or called. When I called him one thousand and one times his phone went straight to voice mail.

Realizing that ‘the show must go on’ I called my bestie Raquel and explained to her what was going on. She quickly reminded me that she was out of town for a few days checking on her Uncle Ben because he just had surgery. But she recommended that I call her cousin  Jacinda because she has friends in Ampleforth that she visits often. I was never a big fan of Jacinda because she lives a very fast life -you know money, drugs and lots of sex. She is a well-known DJ and she mixes and mingles with what some would call the misfits. But I realize the situation that I am currently in and figure it just might be worth it to give Jacinda a ring.

As luck would have it one of Jacinda’s DJ friends was headed up to Ampleforth for work and he was ok with me riding. He picked me up at a shopping center about a mile away from my house the morning after I was stood up by Jed. His name, Sean or DJ Kool Foop, he was pretty laid back. I was feeling better because I still had one day before the actual audition to get to Ampleforth. After the intial meaningless briefly get-to-know you conversation, I began to dose off.

What seemed like fifteen seconds later, I was awakened by a loud crash and my body being thrashed about violently in DJ Kool Foop’s vehicle as it rolled over two times onto the median. Slightly dazed and confused I climbed out of the window passenger window of the truck and sat on the grass of the median about fifty feet away from the accident. I saw no signs of the DJ. He was not in the vehicle. I had my purse and backpack with me and only a few minor cuts and scrapes (Thank you Jesus!). I sat there until help arrived a few witnesses had emerged during the wait. One lady recalled the incident saying that a deer had run across the expressway and she noticed the driver (DJ Kool Foop) swerving trying to avoid colliding into the misplaced caribou. In doing so he was rear-ended by a car that caused him to side wipe (of all things!) a tractor trailer, ultimately causing us to flip over into the median. During the flip that same witness divulged that DJ Kool Foop flew out of the windshield and landed somewhere on the other side of the highway. She kept saying like a broken record with glassy eyeballs, “I can’t believe this happened right before my eyes it just doesn’t seem real.”

As I sit here mind completely blown away by the mind boggling events that had just taken place while I slept like a newborn baby. Yet I continue to exist, barely touched and terrified to hear the fate of the easy going DJ. Is this audition even worth it? I have been stood up, had a brush with death -what could possibly be next? Jail? Robbed? Rape? I just want to do something meaningful with my life why does all this negativity seem to follow me like my shadow?

A million unanswered questions ran through Delilah’s head as her heart pounded swiftly, palms clammy and sweaty; while the endless beads of sweat continued to seep out of her pores.

Will Delilah make it to Ampleforth in time for the audition? You decide her fate! Leave your own ending in the comments section below.



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