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Body Language in a Coffee Shop

Body language in a coffee shop writing exercise

Writing Exercise 

In a coffee shop, a man sits across the table from a woman. In the following situations how might they sit or move? What objects might they handle and in what way?

Situation #1 They have been happily married for 30 years.

The woman sits at the table across from her husband, tightly anchoring her hot beverage with both hands. She delicately sips her coffee in between giving him a familiar glower with a hint of a smile that made it apparent she had known him for decades. The man warmly reciprocates visual engagement with the woman, deliberately leaning closer to her from across the round table. He grips his fork with his left hand shoveling bite size morsels of the decadent Butterscotch Sticky Buns into his masculine jaws.

Situation #2 They have been unhappily married for 30 years.

The man sits defensively opposite a woman at the table. His back is slightly arched stabilizing both of his elbows on the table. While he claps his hands together and aims his tightly clenched hands directly towards the woman. The woman appears to be scorned and dejected, holding her head down as she looks away with her arms snugly crossed underneath her bosom.

Situation #3 They have just met. He is trying to seduce her. She is much younger and shy.

The mature man sits across from the young woman tightly grasping her hands inside his. Admist slight conversation, the man pulls the woman’s hands closer to his mouth delicately pecking her hand with his glossed lips. The callow woman giggles and chuckles sheepishly, constantly breaking eye contact from the seasoned man.

Situation #3 They have been living together for two years. She just told him that she wants him to move out.

The man sits across from the woman with a vacant stare, his mouth agape and fists clinched. The woman shakes her head back and forth as she continues to have a one-way dialogue with the man. During the seemingly untimely conference the woman constantly points her right index finger at the man.

Situation #4 The woman is interviewing the man; he wants to be hired.

The man sits attentively across the table making sure not to break eye contact. He pulls out a sheet of paper and hands it to the woman. The woman grabs her bifocals as she glares down at the paper and looks back at the man. She continues to converse with him, frequently jotting down notes.

Situation #5 He is her elderly uncle and he is hard of hearing.

Sitting across the table from a seasoned man, the young woman formed a circle with her hands and placed them over her mouth like a megaphone while she said said a few words. The man looked intensely at the woman’s mouth struggling to cup his right hand over his right ear, due to the uncontrollable shaking his body displayed.

What would your man and woman’s body language been given the above situations? Feel free to share your response below or post your response on your own blog and share the link below!

This writing exercise came from author C. M. Mayo’s Giant Golden Budda & 364 More 5 Minute Writing Exercises.


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